2023 48th Annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Contest
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Official Website | Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby

Looking to become a Sponsor or a Food Vendor at the Derby?

Contact Greg here:

Congratulations to the winner of the White Fish House at the 47th Annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby, February 5th, 2022: Kurt Beck!

2022 47th Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby Winner White House

Congratulations to the winner of the Yellow Fish House in the $10 Raffle held at the 47th Annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby, February 5th, 2022: Douglas Roush!

2022 Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby Yellow House Winner

Ice Conditions:

Latest Derby News:

  • 2.5.2022 Estimated 10,000+ people attend 2022 47th Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby!
  • 2.5.2022 Winners of the Fish Houses: White House for catching the 47th largest Northern Pike: Kurt Beck | Yellow House for winning the $10 Yellow House Raffle: Douglas Roush
  • 2.4.2022 Derby is allowing vehicles on the ice. Encourage spacing between shelters and vehicles of 50′-100′.
  • Buy a yellow $10 Raffle Ticket and win a Yellow Fish House! Tickets on sale day of the Derby on the ice.
  • Hungry at the Derby? Head to one of our food stands!
  • This year at the Derby look for: Bloody Mary Bar, Irish coffee by Madigan’s, New Band in the tent!
  • Please obey all MN DNR Fishing regulations.
  • Derby online clothing store at J&J Athletics closes January 31. Clothing will be sold day of the Derby on the ice!
  • The Derby needs VOLUNTEERS! Over 175 volunteers assisted at the 2020 Derby. We can’t do it without you! Contact 763-443-9452 to help. 

Drill your own holes!

Get your Derby Gear!
Clothing will be for sale in the Winners Circle Day of the Derby!

J&J Athletics Logo

Thanks to J&J Athletics in Buffalo for creating and providing Derby wear!

Derby Details!

2022 Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby Event Schedule

*please drink responsibly

We look forward to seeing all of you on February 4th, 2023. Please remember that 100 percent of our proceeds are used to improve our lake’s waters!

Greg Thomes-Chairman.

Major Sponsors
Thank you!

Click here to view all sponsors.

Save the date for the 48th Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby: Saturday, February 4th, 2023.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Major sponsors include:

Remax A Good Life, Maple Grove, MN
H&H Sport Shop
Thomes Insurance Group
Moon Motor Sports
Progressive Insurance
MP Nexlevel
Little Jim’s Sports
Mills Fleet Farm
Taco Johns
PleasureLand RV

If you…
-Feel that you are not safe driving on the ice.
-Have had one too many and shouldn’t drive.
-Just don’t want the hassle of trying to find your way.
-It’s too crowded on the ice.
-Or your vehicle is too heavy.

M&M Bus Shuttles will run from 8AM to Midnight. There will be two shuttles running and anticipate stopping at drop-off points every 10 minutes.


2022 Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby MapTrolleys depart the Hwy 55 Lake Access landing:

-Parking lots behind H&H
-Maple Lake High School parking lot
-Madigan’s/”The V” parking area

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel!

Polar Plunge Patty the Penguin


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